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HomeoPet Wrm Clear is a natural remedy for prevention and removal of hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms. •Dosage for removal of worms: Three (3) times daily for fourteen (14) days. •Dosage for prevention of worms: Three (3) times daily for seven (7) days, every ninety (90) days. •Remedy may be given morning, evening or bedtime. Each remedy comes in a 15 ml liquid dropper bottle and may be dosed directly into the mouth, in food/treat or in water/milk. There are approximately 350-375 drops per bottle. For a pet under 20 lbs/10 kg one bottle will last 3-4 weeks, dosing 3 times daily. For a pet 20-100 lbs/10-50 kg, one bottle will last 10-13 days at 3 doses daily. All HomeoPet remedies are the same size and administered in the same manner. HomeoPet formulas are fast acting, non-sedating and non-habit forming. Since their inception in 1977, HomeoPet has set the standard for the advanced homeopathic pharmaceutical market and will continue to apply the highest standards. Safe •Over 70 million doses sold •Free of all chemicals •Safe for kittens, puppies, pregnant and nursing animals. •Clinically used on dogs, cats and birds. •Manufactured under an FDA registered process. •Meets and exceeds all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. Gentle •12 years of researching the purest ingredients from all over the world. •Only the purest naturally grown raw materials are used. •Formulated in a 100% natural organic solution that is easy to administer. Effective •Scientifically formulated to harness nature's natural healing power. •Repeatable and reproducible results. •Over a decade of research and development. Suggested use: As a homeopathic remedy, administer three (3) doses daily to your pet. May be dosed directly into the mouth, in food/treat or in water/milk. - 1-20 lbs (10 kg)…5 drops = one dose. - 20-100 lbs (10-50 kg)…10 drops = one dose. - Over 100 lbs (50 kg)…15 drops = one dose. Warnings: No known side effects. Cruelty free research. Contact Veterinarian if problem persists.

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